Thursday, March 02, 2006

early March 2006

well, so far, Nat. Gas still probable s.t. double-bottom (and longer-term bigger bottom ?) around 6.60 or so....and, even with all the continuing scare-ing by the 95 %, Crude Oil still unable to surmount its probable top, hah....(actually Gold-bugs and 'perma-doomers' are also failing to get Metals up further, hmmm, get it ?)....many rallied-and-tech stocks still likely topping s.t., but i do have a small list of "PSYCLE sm" base-bottoms buyable here, if you contact me....but, as U know, I was/am among the few expecting many of 2005's uptrends to reverse as 2006 unfolds, i.e., R.E., rallied-commods, rallied-stks, pulling back at least....if you are not at least cutting-back in, and/or hedging/protecting your longside assets, and/or have no puts/shorts in any extended/toppy investments, boy can i help you....Industry Groups are Rotating, my specialty as U know, and we are due for a bigger-than-most-expect correction in many rallied stocks/bonds/commods in 2006, which should 'come out of the blue' to ''the unenlightened 95 %" this time....View the charts/patterns of the stocks listed below !

again, I do NOT employ generally-disseminated-available fundamentals, news, political, economic, religious, or other crapola, in the way which 'the 95 %' have expended wasted time/effort/resources trying to use to try to develop 'links' and 'stories' and 'scenarios', Unsuccessfully, for eons....we also try NOT to let emotions, belief-systems, misbeliefs, prejudices, affect our choices/decisions, the way the losers have and do....and last, we often do well, going opposite ('fading' contrarily) what the Press, Media, Finl. mags, papers, NL's, and your friends are mostly saying....

last, just FYI, here are some recent Hypothetical transactions from my Newsletters (all available at left side below this blog)....view their "PSYCLE sm" 'bottom patterns' from their one-year/five-year CHARTS, to easily SEE/learn to mimic what I share in my NL's, and learn how to do this better ! in no special order, with significant caveats and disclaimers and no future inferences, as usual: these are just in the last few months:


and longside ''quick, small % losses cut when pattern brokedown'', see ?): AXL, TOPT, GTW, CMGI, XIDE,

and, others still hypothetically 'long', which still 'en route' I will update non-subscribers on, down the road....if U view these chart-patterns you will vastly improve your performance !, do it.... then contact me for more aid....enjoy....

Last, I also have a decent list of probable TOPS in extended stocks and Commods, contact me anytime....until then, here are some Puts/Shorts that worked/didn't, also from my recent-past NL % gains:

these stocks fell as predicted/expected, for big % Gains: Mar. Nat. Gas, AMGN, ADSK, UTHR, DCEL, BAC, AMZN, EBAY, GOOG, WON, GCI, NFLX, VLO, Mar. Crude Oil, OIH, OSX,

and these were "quick, very small losses when they broke out/up instead of falling" on these puttables, very little damage: CTSH, TIE, WLT, GOOG, AAPL, HAR, SBUX, CI, HAR, DEO,

see/view their charts patterns on one-year/two-year charts, to 'see' the pattern, then just find others, forever, forward, longside and put-side....I wish U well....till next time.....